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New bouquet


thank you for your inquiry.

Can you please send me a photo of the bouquet in its original form and another of its condition today.


Thank you for the photo you sent. Based ont hat I would like to give some instructions on how to dry the flowers.


  • Hang up the bouquet upside down in a dry, cool (20-22°C) room.

Also, please put petals of each kind of flower and leaves between layers of paper towels. it is very important that the petals should not touch each other. Then put weighty books on them.



Drying takes about two weeks, until the petals can give a rustling sound. You can check by touching.

I can use petals, leaves, stamen, small flowers usually found in bouquets, as well as tulle, ribbons, organza. The wider the range the more possibilities there are to make jewellery. The amount of flowers should be at least 10 petals per type.


You can choose the style you want here:



If you are sensitive or allergic to metals, I absolutely recommend products made of anti-allergy stainless steel.


Under the picture you can find the properties of the product. In the 2nd line the material of the jewellery is stated: anti-allergy stainless steel.


Material of antique-style jewellery: metal alloys with fine coating and tarnish. They are not anti-allergy jewellery. If you are sensitive to metals, please make sure to avoid them.


Please send the link and the photo of the style you have chosen in a message to this page:



Please send your flowers to this address:

Mária Szemerédi

3, 1/7 Chernel Street

Kőszeg 9730



  1. Use paper towels to put the petals between layers. Then use cardboard (e.g. from a shoe box) as a layer on both sides. Finally use a bubble padded envelope to mail it. Write “FRAGILE” on it.


  1. OR: use a cardboard box. Put the petals or even complete flower heads  between layers of paper towels (it is worth covering them with a bubble wrap bag). Put them into a cardboard box padded with newspapers. Write FRAGILE on the box.

I will make the jewellery from your flowers in the style you have chosen. Then I take a photo of it and send it to you as a message through this website:


For example:

If you like it, make your payment in euros via bank transfer against an invoice. There is a unique cost of making the jewellery for each item, which I will state in my message as an offer.


Mária Szemerédi


2017. 01. 20. 19:56:41